Video On Demand

Having completed Streamer and  Transcoder projects with remarkable outcomes, Client requested another upgrade to Video on Demand Systems.


Broadband internet service provider through solely owned FTTH fiber optic network.

  • Certified Professionals
  • Former Chief Executives
  • Outstanding Embedded Systems Engineers
  • Fully Agile Workflow
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Cohesive Cross-functional Teams

This software enables high-quality delivery for any platform or device, ensuring end users are served with adaptive content. The solution provides low delay / low latency streaming and can handle transcoding up to 11 FHD channels simultaneously.

On demand streaming for multiple users is implemented by caching video files in main memory as long as it’s being streamed by at least one user, avoiding high latency process of reading video files from hard drives. Consequently reducing cost for storage hardware, as mid-range HDDs can be used instead of SSDs. Implemented Streamer incorporates playback recorder, which makes it easy to record and archive live content for on demand streaming (time shift feature).
Set-top box is designed to require minimum hardware resources and ensure high QoE. STB system utilizes tiny Linux image (total size – 15MB including software) created using Buildroot and can be deployed on Single Board Computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi 2).

Project’s main challenge was to deliver high quality IPTV service with VoD features and keep deployment cost to minimum, in order to easily reach economies of scale and offer competitive price. The second challenge was to develop scalable solution, which would be sufficient for increased customer base and handle nationwide traffic loads.

Our Solutions:
System is equipped with advanced UI with multiple language support and content search capabilities, which give end users full control over delivered content and guarantees flawless user experience.