Voice Firewall Gateway

Service platform for fraudulent call detection and actions via policies and rules.
Tech stack: Custom developed SIGTRAN M3UA/SCCP/TCAP/CAP/CS1+, Dialogic G5V, SIU, C/C++, PHP, MySQL, NGNIX Web Server.


An international telecom service provider who operates across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

  • Certified Professionals
  • Former Chief Executives
  • Fully Agile Workflow
  • Outstanding Embedded Systems Engineers
  • Unique Problem Solution
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What was the Challenge:

Client’s intention was to create anti-fraud solution – VFG, which could filter out 100 000 calls per second  in a blacklist containing up to 100 000 entries. Entries could be any combination of REGEXP_LIKE wildcard character. Process was challenged as no CPU could handle 10 billion RegExp matches in 1 sec. Proposed system should have qualified as a mission-critical application.

Actions Taken:

In regard of these technical challenges, we used Dialogic SIU for SIGTRAN connectivity, developed TCAP and camel phase 3 to communicate with MSCs (Mobile Switching Center).  Most of the code was written in C, used low-level linux ABI, the system was asynchronous, non-blocking, was created custom designed search algorithm. As a result we created better performance than expected, during the tests we successfully  reached more than 1 Million calls per second in a black list of any size (more than 100 000).


Our Solutions: 

Client installed this system into several mobile providers’ networks in different countries, This product works in about 10 big mobile service providers for the last 3 years and filtered about 100s billion calls.


Working with the team was a big pleasure, we not only got the best results in the minimum of requested time, but great suport and loyalty.

CEO & Founder - Mobik