Protocol Stripper

Solution for decapsulating IP traffic from headers of proprietary protocols.
Tech Stack: : Linux, Cavium Thunder X, Intel Xeon, C/C++, DPDK, ODP.

Local Internet Service provider
Client information is confidentia

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What was the Challenge:

Client decided to extend the IP analyzer and analyze core network traffic. Existing IP analyzer was implemented for pure IP traffic and didn’t support QnQ, MPLS, VNTag, GRE and GTP tunneling protocols. Project required stripping the protocols and unsupported network layers from the network traffic to forward to IP analyzer.

Actions Taken:

Because of high loaded network it was required to create non-blocking system, that’s why we have decided to offload network stack to userspace, that’s why used Intel DPDK. The application core was developed in C programming language, and protocol parsers in the assembly language.

Our Solutions:

We have developed modular system and modules for each particular protocol, so nowadays client has an option to implement any further module(stripper) by ownself easily, without any additional external resources.