IP Traffic Analyzer

Solution for analyzing IP traffic.
Tech Stack: : Linux, AIX, IBM Power5+, Cavium Thunder X, Intel Xeon, C/C++, DPDK, ODP, Qt5, PHP, DB2, MySQL, NGINX.

Internet Service Provider

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What was the Challenge:

After massive cyber attack to the Local Internet provider, client decided to deploy network traffic analyzer to analyze subscribers traffic and identify vulnerable traffic. At early stages they required to aggregate all traffic into the centralized switching center and do analysis.


Actions Taken:

We implemented network traffic aggregators using C and Intel DPDK, implemented traffic classification and applied IP Traffic analyzers for different protocols such as: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, various SQL protocols, etc.


Our Solutions: 

In addition this system found multiple usagel. Using the traffic classifier they identified network loads and added cache servers of different content providers (such as Google, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, tanki online etc.). Launched parental control system to block adult content for childs. The system is analyzing about 100 gbps IP traffic everyday.