GTP analyzer

Solution to correlate GTP-C and GTP-U to make subscriber’s mobile number and IP binding.
Tech Stack: : Linux, Cavium Thunder X, Intel Xeon, C/C++, DPDK, ODP, Qt 5, PHP, DB2, MySQL, NGINX.

Mobile Service Provider in Eastern Europe

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What was the Challenge:

Opon upgrade to 4G Network, usage increased more than client expected. Client’s existing GTP analyzer which was used for Data Billing couldn’t handle such kind of traffic. Client faced the need of Solution as existing systems could only analyze up to 5gbps GTP traffic, but their network usage increased up to 20gbps in 1 month.

Actions Taken:

We decided to use Intel DPDK to decrease the latency caused by OS network stack and implemented GTP-C parser to correlate user’s mobile phone number with assigned IP address and used this IP address into GTP-U analyzer to count data usage per user’s mobile phone. The analyzed user data was stored in the database.

Most of the code was written in C using linux low-level ABI and DPDK, admin panel written in C++ using Qt framework.

Our Solutions: 

Client still relies on our technical competence and our offered GTP-Analyzer. Their network usage is more than 50gbps and hardware load is about 70%.