Cloud Storage System

Sollution for Cloud Storage System

Leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) for multi-cloud-focused enterprises

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Project’s challenge was to deliver enterprise grade data integrity with full package operating model with minimal maintenance requirements.  Our team needed to design Storage System to sustain network partitioning uninterruptedly and provide consistent global data. Self-balancing cluster ensures it is low cost operation model.

Actions Taken:
With the idea of creating high-performance, low-latency, small memory footprint, decentralized Data fabric system, our team designed Storage System.  We patched several open source projects (such as libuv, Node.js, corosync and e.t.c.) to increase performance and stability. Core was written in C, and backend in Node.js, created Node.js bindings in C++ to use core functionality , so users could manage the storage through Rest API.

Our Solutions:

While Cloud Storage System  was specifically designed to  enable high throughput workloads, the system comes with benefits of :

  • High performance object storage
  • Built with throughput requirements of Analytics and Big Data storage
  • Cost-effective storage platform
  • Secure for long term storage with guaranteed data integrity

  • January 20, 2017