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As an emerging worldwide provider of Software Development Solutions, our focus is on Embedded and Telecommunications Systems Software engineering, supporting superior products.
Embedded LORD’s advanced technology promotes performance, safety and ease of use in every market we serve. We engineer solutions to fuel innovation for our customers across borders and cultures.
  • Certified Professionals
  • Former Chief Executives
  • Outstanding Embedded Systems Engineers
  • Fully Agile Workflow
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Cohesive Cross-functional Teams
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Today’s Software Industry grows rapidly smarter, fully agile and detail-oriented. Daily we do our best to beat this exponentially increasing complexity and set new standards.

Our mission is simply exceeding expectations, by bringing great people with industry-leading solutions and great organizations together.

  • flexible and easily reachable outsource service
  • fully augmented Agile teams
  • focusing on workflow and enterprise level solutions
  • creating and maintaining scalable solutions that can grow with your organization
  • offering balanced quality, quantity and complexity in your work output
  • represent outstanding team of unique professionals and best web developers
  • simply craft solutions that average developers can’t
  • cost optimization


Embedded Software Development

  • Bare metal programming
  • BSP engineering
  • Embedded Linux
  • IoT
  • Qt/QML

Telecom Standards

  • Circuit-switched networks – TDM, ISDN, SS7
  • Mobile 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G standards
  • VoIP – SIP/H.323
  • Fraud detection
  • Billing


  • Uncompressed video and audio processing
  • Connectivity SDI, ASI, SMPTE 2110/2022-6
  • Streaming protocols (mpeg2ts, HLS, MPEG#)
  • Video on-demand
  • Video codecs (H.263, H.264, H.265, VPx, AV1)
  • Audio codecs (G7xx, MP2a, AC3, AAC)

*NIX System Services

  • Linux
  • AIX
  • Docker & Virtualization


  • L2-L7 Protocols
  • R&S Protocols – EIGRP, OSPF, MPLS, QnQ
  • Tunneling Protocols – GRE, MPTCP, GTP 
  • Network Visibility Applications
  • Network Security Applications

  • We have helped several companies to grow their business by building custom solutions tailored to their ecosystem
  • We gather the smartest people to build unique, innovative solutions and software products
  • Transparency and automation are assembled in our dynamic environment to provide consistency
  • To guarantee a prompt delivery we are fully augmented Agile team of unique professionals and best developers

How We Help

We can analyze your needs, business challenges and assist your business to become smarter and deliver a better alternative to your current system.
We will transform your businesses with unique competence and tech stack through our fully Agile software development outsourcing services.
We are eager to help in solving your complex problems. Our  expert opinion will cover your specific obstacles followed with current IT trends.


Software development

  • Product design by our POs and PLMs
  • Solution architecture
  • Software engineering
  • DevOps engineering
  • QA & AQA

Feature-driven Development

  • Feature design by our POs and PLMs
  • Feature integration architecture
  • Software engineering
  • DevOps engineering
  • QA & AQA

Bug Fixing & Problem Solving

  • Architecture review
  • Problem investigation
  • Implementing fix

Consulting & Product Design

  • POs and PLMs will provide provide better UX and product design for your needs based on out expertise and creative view

Dedicated Teams

  • Responsible full-time teams devoted exclusively to your project in constant communication with you
  • Hire the Industries Top Skilled On-Demand Developers

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